Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I did it!

I am seriously so proud of myself right now!!!  I successfully created a bridal shower invitation, from scratch, on my own.  I was feeling all confident and spoke invitation duty for Camie's shower and after about an hour of working on it I was having second thoughts because I was not creating something I was happy with and I knew I would never be able to explain myself if I ordered some that we over $2 per invitation.  (They were SOOOO cute and if I only needed to buy a few, I would have in a heartbeat!)  But as the clock passed midnight the inspiration started flowing... and I ended up with something I am seriously proud of.  The others in charge haven't given their final say on it, but I will be happy even if it needs to change.  I'm going to share a sneak peek right now since I'm feeling so accomplished.
Isn't it so fun?!  I love it!
Once I laid in bed around 3 am I remembered how much I really loved creating things when I was working on my graphic design degree in college.  Then I started feeling bummed that I changed my major, changed my plans, then never really learned all the cool stuff I could have learned.  I'm feeling inspired to learn now though!!!  Look out...

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