Tuesday, October 26, 2010


One of my greatest dreams for the future is to see my family grow in love and happiness.  Colby and I both come from great, big, wonderful families.  I love that.  I want our family to be big, great and wonderful too.  I want to see our children come to earth, learn and grow, find a love of their Heavenly Father and understand His mission for them.  I want them to truly understand they are children of God and strive to please him every day.  I want to see my boys serve missions for the church and work harder than ever.  I want to see all my children marry in the temple and start families of their own.

I've really grown to appreciate the way Colby's family is from this small town and they've all stuck together and all still live here.  On his dad's side every single member of the family lives in this valley.  Some might find that strange or overwhelming.  I understand how it is hard to wrap your head around the idea.  But I've fallen in love with the way his family is so close.  We see practically all of them on a weekly basis and because of that some of our greatest friends are people we'll be able to be with forever.  As a family.  I realize the chances of all of us staying so near to each other, physically, is very slim but we're talking about dreams here aren't we?  But if my own family could live in such a close vicinity I'd be so grateful.  I see the way it blesses the lives of each generation and it leaves me wishing that all of my cousins could have continued to grow up in the same area and stayed great friends like we were when we were young.

Bottom line is I hope that my family stays together.  Forever.  It doesn't have to mean living within a handful of miles of each other... it's not entirely realistic.  It means I want us together in spirit and love.  To always turn to each other to share our ups and downs and to strive to please our Father in Heaven daily.  I know its possible and I know that it takes all of us working together to make good choices and choosing to love each other more than ourselves every day.


  1. You Are RIGHT!!!! I love that one too! He's a medical marvel!!

  2. so insightful...and so true :)
    I wish for the same things too!!
    Miss you girl :)
    like I said before, glad I get to see you everyday on here!!