Friday, October 22, 2010


Haha.  I'm supposed to talk about my week in great detail, but it's been pretty "blah" and I already over shared yesterday.  :)  Don't give up and pass on this though.  You may find my boring, simple life quite relatable and perhaps a little entertaining.

I'll start with Sunday.  I had been in SoCal for a photography workshop with Tonya Joy Photography and was on my way home on Sunday.  My sister Megan went with me and we always have fun together so a quick trip up and back was just fine.  We made it home quicker than I have driven that stretch in quite a while.  I blame it on my dad's car.  We took it down there because the MPG is almost 3xs better than our truck.  However, it's speedometer is also almost 2xs as capable, if you get what I'm saying.  I did have one scare with the Highway Patrol outside of Mesquite but it turned out to be just a reminder to slow down.  I didn't even have to make friends with him since he never stopped me.  I was way excited to get home and see my three boys and spend some time with family as we always do on Sundays.  Our Sunday afternoons are crazy busy with at least five different stops.  I don't complain though because I only WISH that more of my side of the family could live so close.  Besides, its only bad one of every three years when our visits start after 4 pm when we have 1:00 church.

Monday I don't even remember.  Haha.  I'm pretty sure I spent the entire day in front of my computer.  I had three shoots alone from my weekend in California and two others from before then.  I'm almost done with half of that work flow.  I don't think about it too much though because then I think about the pics I've taken for myself of my kids and stuff and realize I've fallen way too far behind compared to how I used to deal with my pictures.  The trouble is... I have gotten so used to edited photos that I love them more than a snapshot.  Therefore I want to edit every pic that would enter my photo albums... which means loads of work piling up each month as I neglect it.

Tuesday we spent the majority of the day at my in law's working on a project with Cassadee that is for Christmas.  It was a fun way to slow things down a bit and hang out while our kids ran amuck teaching each other all sorts of bad things.  I'm not kidding you.  My kids have been on a kick lately that is wearing me out.  I've decided that I must stay strong and be diligent in teaching them the way they should behave.  It just makes for one exhausted mother.  In fact, the boys had me so close to my wit's end that when we got home we read scriptures, said prayers, and they were sent straight to bed.  We (Colby or I) usually lay by Marshall until he falls asleep and I like to get Tyler unwound before I put him in bed, but I set them both in their beds and reminded Marshall that even if Ty was crying he was to stay still with his eyes closed so Tyler could see what he was supposed to be doing.  Child #1 only mildly resisted while #2 was much more upset about the situation but I was being stubborn.  After only a few short minutes Tyler's wailing and gnashing of teeth ended and I felt like the world's most successful mother!  Both kids asleep in the same room with minimal work on my part.  My life was going to be forever changed.

I even started Wednesday with this attitude.  But that all came quickly crumbling down when I noticed an odd smell in the boys' room in the morning and couldn't quite put my finger it until much investigating revealed that Tyler's usual reaction to incessant screaming had occurred the night before (he will totally scream and cry to the point that he throws up) and he slept with throw up in his bed the entire night.  I couldn't find any signs that he actually slept in it, but all the same.  My kid had gotten sick and I didn't know so I didn't take care of the issue.  I felt like the world's worst mother at that point.  Anyway, we spent the majority of the day preparing for Relief Society that night (which had slipped my mind until the night before).  Marshall had preschool this day and it was a great break for him and I both.  When he was done with school we went to our friend's house for our weekly playgroup then ended up at Grandma's to continue working on our project and I left the boys there when I went to RS.

Now you all know about yesterday so I won't go into much detail there.  However I will explain another "trial" from the week.  We woke up early Monday morning to rain and Colby could not work on Kolob as planned because the road they're on is far too dangerous when it is wet so he decided he better head down to Willow Beach (Lake Mead-ish) to help his dad.  So he was gone all week and I hate when that happens.  We've spent many months (a majority, I think) of these last few years living this way and I was seriously bummed out all Monday then I spent the rest of the week getting used to the idea.  But he got home yesterday evening and we're all very happy about it.

As for today, I plan to stay at home.  Do very little- which translates to folding a week's worth of laundry, finish editing one photo session and actually cook dinner once this week- and wait to hear how Colby's sisters do in their soccer game today.  If they win we'll all be headed up to Salt Lake to watch them take state!!!  I realize I said this yesterday, but I just know they can do it.  They just have to play like they can (and have) and keep it all together and they'll dominate.  We're so proud of them.  ---If you happen to read this in the AM, check back tonight for an update.---

Well, turns out the girls lost.  :(  And while they were losing the four of us were at home being lazy watching "How to Train Dragon."  Over and over and over.  While doing that I finished the boys' beards for their costumes and I successfully cooked dinner before 7 pm.  I assume I'll fold laundry tomorrow.

I hope that was enjoyable for you.  This makes me realize I really need to keep a daily journal so that when I look back on these crazy years I'll be able to remember the little things.  Like the time that Marshall prayed for his light that I broke a while ago and haven't fixed yet.  In the middle of his prayer he even leaned over to me and informed me, "You did not get a new one yet."  What a silly boy.

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