Monday, October 11, 2010


My dream house.  Conceptually.
It will have the soul of an old home but with the bones of a new one.  I want it to be the most charming old house you've ever seen.  Full of character and pleasantry.  Void of all "old" trouble.
It will have charm and simplicity.  It will have open ceilings and natural light.  It will have a laundry room big enough to hold a week's worth of filth and easily close the door.  It will be comfortable and livable. 
It will have a little taste of things from all around the world.
It will have clean lines, a HUGE island (do you see how many that one seats?), a ton of storage, and enough space for a whole clan of kids and all that comes with them (friends, projects, creativity, energy...).  I told you I was dreaming.


  1. Love love love all these pictures! Did you take them all or did you just shop for the pictures online? Either way, well done!

  2. We must share a brain.. Jay thinks I'm crazy for wanting an old house.. but I just can't love the new house look like I love the old house look. Sigh. Thanks for the 15 minutes of dream time!