Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I live in a house that has legos on the floor.  The family room is nearly tidy.  If someone walked in my front door right now they'd likely trip over a large truck.  Besides that I'd be comfortable to let them in.  I vacuum often enough that I wouldn't be too nervous. 

Being a stay at home mom is the greatest thing I ever wanted for myself.  My wildest dreams come true.  I've found that I am not the type that can have a perfectly clean house a majority of the time.  Just the other night I told Colby I don't have the energy to follow after my kids (once the house has been cleaned) and pick up after them 24/7 and keep them from touching every last thing.  I believe my kids need to learn and explore and we work on picking up after ourselves, but the experiences are more important than cleanliness.  I'm not kidding you.  I had the kitchen spotless.  Even the table was polished and perfect.  And I felt like I was going to pull my hair out after keeping every last crumb and smudge out of sight for an hour and a half.  I felt like I had to show Colby the fruits of my day's labors so he'd really see what I had accomplished that day.  You know how some days are like that...

I haven't decorated much since we moved here over a year ago... I was lucky enough to find a duvet cover that looked exactly like the curtains I was hoping to find so I chopped it up and hung them on a rod.  That's pretty much the extent of the decor of our house.  I'm a huge lover of decor magazines, but apparently I have expensive taste.  So... until I come into some money my crazy brain can't find anything else I really want to bring into my home.

A couple of secrets about our house...  I should wash dishes at least once more during the week than I do AND 90% of the time if you are in my house and it looks spotless it has all been cleaned except for one room.  My bedroom.  I really only sleep in there, so my eyes quickly turn off when I walk in.  Hence the gradual build up of clutter.  I really need to tackle that soon!  I'm happy to report that I'm working on both of those things.

So that wraps up this segment of "where I live."  That way if any of you have ever wondered what its like in my house your eyes have been opened and any of you that have spent some time here are nodding in agreement.

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