Wednesday, September 30, 2009

For Tyler

There is nothing more special than the way I "grew" to love you my little one. I truly cherish the fleeting time of feeling so close to my babies and all the anticipation that goes along with pregnancy. Tyler, you were good to me, regardless of what I said those last couple of weeks.

You know how sometimes you have to experience something more than once to really learn the lesson. Well, I think I understand more and more how close to heaven you little babies are when you are fresh into the world each time a child joins our family. You are such a sweet treasure straight from our Heavenly Father. How blessed I am to be entrusted as a mother of you darlings.
You are so loved by so many...
Tyler, you were always so pleasant as a baby. You just went along with whatever was going on. You were my little doll that I dressed up and had long, drawn out photo sessions with.
You were someone to look up to from when you were quite small. Marshall always surprises me with a new way to copy you. There's just something about you that makes us all want to be more sweet, innocent, and tender. Just today you were wimpering and I noticed Marshall wandering the house wimpering just like you.
You pay such close attention to things and try so hard to learn quickly so you can be grown up like the rest of us. You can grow up as slowly as you want to though. I already miss Baby Tyler. All I see now is Growing Tyler.
You definitely have your own look about you too. Sometimes I see Marshall in you, but whenever I have compared pictures, you are your own boy. How wonderful it is to be an individual!
You are such a delight. Such a sweet temperment you have. That is until you spot food. Your always act like you've been starved and grab at whatever food you can get your hands on. I doubt that characteristic will fade - after all, you are a boy. This is a picture from your first meal of "real food." You smiled every bite.
I sure love you little man. Marshall and Daddy love you too.


  1. He's getting so big! I can't wait to see you all this weekend! :o)

  2. He is so cute! Man, you and Colby make some super cute babies ;)