Sunday, September 13, 2009

My brain is broken!

I have totally been slacking when it comes to downloading/editing/organizing my pictures lately. I had left a few really cute pics on my camera so I could quickly show them off and today my card got full so I was deleting some old pics and confused some new ones with the old ones. Ugh! I am so mad. I can't believe my all the sleepers in my house didn't wake up when I reacted to the aggrevating realization. I'm so ticked right now I can't even tell you. My stomach is in knots over it. MY BRAIN IS BROKEN! At this late/early hour I can't remember examples of some of the other dumb things I've done... but this picture thing is not the only one. I had some of the sweetest pictures of Marshall and Tyler napping together and I deleted them... all but this one. UUUGGGGGHHHHH!

On a more positive note: At least I am back to taking pictures. I slacked in that area too. More positives: Tyler's halloween costume came and he is officially the cutest elephant in the history of the world. AND I got everything together for Marshall's cowboy costume and he is the cutest cowboy in the history of cowboys!
My stomach still feels sick.

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