Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Little boy + little gun = Fun

Tianna, you are my inspiration. I am going to let the dishes sit another 10 minutes so I can catch up on my "journaling." I love how I am able to celebrate my children through my blog and I hope all of you reading can get a slight taste of the pride and love I have for my boys. They are my everything. I count all the fun (and frustration) as beautiful blessings. I know there will come a time that I will feel just a little bit empty inside when all of our little ones are not so little and not with me all the time. What a beautiful time of life I am in right now.I have been admiring this little meadow near the cabin and the other night the light was beautiful so I convinced Marshall to leave the sandbox to climb a fence (translation: take some pictures). Poor little boy. His mean old mommy won't even let him play... he has to be her model instead. He's really into guns lately and he can find one anywhere. Yes, that thing that looks like a stick is really a gun. He hauls sticks, vacuum attachments, straws, etc. around saying "BOOM. BOOM." He told me the other day, "Marshall is going to be a cowboy for Halloween. Remember Mom." He said it in his own language and it took me a couple of tries to understand, but now I know. We need to turn Marshall into a cowboy come the end of next month. Lucky me! We already have to boots. And the "guns." Although I may have to find a more authentic gun to create an authentic cowboy.


  1. Those dishes can wait girl!
    Every time I see pictures of Marsh, or hear stories of the cute things he's doing and saying, it makes me SO excited for Joshua to grow up and be like him! He is SO cute, with a personality to match :)
    P.S. We miss you guys...

  2. I love the song you have playing. Will you email the name of it? please? Thanks