Monday, February 7, 2011

A Little Big

Marshall is getting a little big for his britches.  We've only been able to laugh so far (pretty hard sometimes) but realize we gotta get this kid in check before we have a problem on our hands.  I'll let you know a little bit of what he's doing lately.

He's big on being sneaky.  I know its just a phase and he's trying to learn his limits so I'm not freaking out yet, but like I said, we're gonna have to stop laughing and start teaching really soon.  If he's not supposed to do something he'll almost always try to do it and when he gets caught he'll act as if nothing is wrong and say, "But Mom... I was being sneaky."  I can't help but smile because I'm thinking, "then be better at it because when you pick up the box of candy right in front of my face it's not very sneaky at all."

Last night I told Marshall no more fruit snacks tonight.  After a few minutes we can hear the sound of crumpling plastic, no doubt a fruit snack wrapper.  Colby and I look at each other and Colby is definitely bewildered.  Then I remember that Marshall figured out how to open fruit snacks this weekend.  Colby asked Marshall what he was doing and M responds (with his mouth so full), "I don't know."  So Colby asked him if he was eating fruit snacks and M responds rather politely, "Go away.  I'm not home."

We totally cracked up!  Seriously... we lost it.  What a silly little kid!  So then we ask him what he's eating.  No response.  I look over the couch and he looks up at me with his hand over his mouth and it is clearly full.  He commences to chew with his hand over his mouth and Colby asks him what he is doing.  He responds (with his mouth still so full), "I'm hungry."  I asked him if he ate the fruit snacks I told him not to eat and he chews and chews (with his hand still over his mouth) until he opens up to show me there is nothing in his mouth.

Oh man.  He's hilarious!  This last weekend we were in Provo watching the State swim meet and before we headed home my sisters and I wanted to stop at Victoria Secret.  So we got to the mall, drove around for a while looking for a spot and trying to decide what we were going to eat.  In the middle of our discussion of which restaurant we were going to choose Marshall yells, "But I want to go bra shopping!!!"

So then this morning he did another classic Marshall thing... he's recently decided he likes to dress himself.  The first morning he did it he pulled a stool into his room so he could reach his shirts on the top shelf of the closet.  He was trying to get dressed before I got up and saw him.  Haha.  But back to this morning... today he insisted on this ensemble...
...his cowboy shirt and basketball shorts (that look like they don't fit anymore).

He's been wanting to wear these shorts for the last few days but we've been having below freezing temps and I wouldn't allow it of course.  I decided I'd let it fly for the rest of the morning but told him he'd have to change before preschool since it was still cold out but he had a clever solution for that too.  "No mom.  I can just wear long socks.  Daddy can just let me borrow his socks and we can share."  What a problem solver he is!  And a little bit of a weirdo too.  Haha.

And now he just came up with another good one.  We needed to return a movie to a neighbor and he said he wanted to borrow it for a long time.  I told him we'd just buy it because we needed to give it back and then came a classic Marshall line, "How about we keep it for longer and give it to him for Valentine's Day."  Oh the things kids say...


  1. That's too funny! Sydney has insisted on her outfits lately.. if you saw her at school today you would have died! Elmo shirt, pink skirt, blue long shorts, LONG hello kitty socks, and her crazy new shoes! I thought - that outfit is crazy enough - everyone will know she dressed herself! It's nice when they can do it themselves, and the comedy of some of the combinations are so worth it!

  2. He is hilarious! About the quiet book I want to try to get a group of nine or ten. So if you and Cass are really interested let me know and I will give you all the details. I don't think I am going to start another project till the first of March. So you have plenty of time to decide:)

  3. What a hilarious kid! Haha. Awesome. And you are such a fun mommy!