Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tooting My Own Horn (Rather Loudly Too)

I've been strangely domestic lately so I thought I'd share a little bit of what I've been up to.  I'm kind of laughing at myself as I think about how I made dinner two days in a row and made lunch from scratch in that same period of time and I made cookies last night- two different recipes at that.  It just dawned on me that not only did I cook dinner (which I also took to the neighbor) and make cookies yesterday it was in the middle of one of those days that was just out of control.  I feel like I'm making huge strides.  The funny thing is that I actually like to cook and usually do a fairly good job of it but I HATE to clean it all up so I usually take as many shortcuts as possible, such as eat at everyone else's house and cooking food that requires only one dirty dish.  But today I made corndogs.  Like made corndogs.  It was my attempt to save money on groceries this week.  I thought if I didn't buy buns I could make corndog batter and the kids would never miss a thing.  I used this recipe and thought it was super good.  I liked the way the batter was light and crispy.  I didn't read the tips at the bottom of the recipe until after I was done (which were extremely clever and helpful) but they still turned out yummy.  Maybe next time I'll make some tweaks and see if I can come up with something even better.  Or I might not.  They were delish.  Here's the finished product:
I cut the hot dogs in half and then cut wooden skewers down to size so they were smaller and more kid friendly.  And let's face it... it was ultimately to make them easier to dip and fry.  Even Jamie from next door liked them.  I feel so proud of myself.
If you try this yourself, I'd suggest dipping the hot dogs in flour to help the batter stick a little easier and pouring the batter in a tall glass which will make dipping them even easier.  I did neither of these things and still managed to get it done and in hardly any time at all.  Yay me!


  1. teehee! You make me laugh with your cuteness! What lucky little boys (and neighbor children) to have such a risk-taking mama making them delicious homemade corndogs! They look divine! Plus, I haven't had a corndog in forever and am pregnant, which makes them look even more enticing! Great job!

  2. I made corn dogs...once...and I really wish I would have dipped them in flour first. My batter was slipping all over the place. Maybe I'll try them again now that I know this tip!

  3. Oh I'm so proud of you! What a good mama you are!

  4. You go! Those actually really look good to me and I'm not a huge corn dog fan. I'll have to try them. Isn't making lunch everyday for kids the hardest!? I have the hardest time coming up with new things to make since everyday. Especially because Josh isn't a lover of sandwiches.
    P.s. I want to see the progress on your little remodel...I love that you took down that wall. I don't know if it's because you pointed it out to me once and said that you wanted to do that or what, but I've always thought it would make the biggest difference in your house with that wall opened up. I'm excited to see it! Are you still thinking about doing the sliding barn door? If so, you should check out this blog post.
    I love it and thought of you when I saw it!

  5. You are super awesome. I, on the other hand, scheduled to take dinner to your neighbor and then cancelled on her because I was sick. I am the antithesis of awesome. However, I do have hope for the future, in which my abs are rock hard (from all of this coughing) and push the baby out easily.