Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Missing Pieces

There have been a few moments that should have been blogged but have been missed for whatever reason.  I'll fill you in a little bit now.  Pictures will be described left to right, top to bottom.
 1) This is the way the boys survived day 2 of the State swim meet.  Laying under the bench dreaming of being somewhere else.  Both of them are awake in this picture.  And they stayed awake the entire time.  2) Ty's been feeling a little under the weather lately with a yucky cough, but has been dealing with it like a champ.  3) This is my effort to enjoy the things the kids do when they're small.  I think there will come a day I won't be finding their dusty footprints on the table anymore.  4) The young one front and center in demo mode of our remodel project.  5) More of the remodel.  We tore the wall out that divided our family room from the kitchen and are replacing it with something really cool.  I'll share more when its finished.  Haha.  6) I made these humongous towels for both Jon and Meg for the State swim meet.  They are huge and cozy and I think I'd honestly use it as a heavy, warm blanket instead of a towel...  7) Jon & Meg being pals at State.  It was fun to go up and watch them.  Jon came home with two gold medals, a silver and a bronze.  (I can't believe its his senior year!)  He swam so well!  It was great to watch him be such a calm and genuinely sportsmanlike athlete.  Megan did great too!  She scored points in each of her events which helped the girls team take 4th.  The boys team took 2nd.  Desert Hills HS boys and girls had a combined score that would have taken state by a landslide if they gave out that award.  They should give out that award.

I have more old stuff to document (in a sneaky, back-dated kind of way), but that will have to wait because I have some gorgeous bridals that desperately need my attention ASAP.  Hopefully after that I'll get some stuff crossed off my To Blog list.

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