Sunday, February 13, 2011

It's rather sad, really.

Happy Valentine's Day everybody!  Here's my kids' notes to you.  I made these... I'll tell the story at the end of this post in case some of you really don't care.  They were just wallet sized photos that I stuck on some cardstock- note on one side, picture on the other.  Marshall wrote his name himself with me coaching him and after signing a tall stack of them he's got it down!  Tyler let me control the pen as he signed them and he drew a little picture on each one so everyone could be sure he was in control of the pen.  On Marshall's I couldn't decide which picture to use, so I did some with each, so I had to show you both on here.  I'm sure you understand.

So this year I decided a while ago that I was not going to procrastinate V-day stuff.  There was a cute mom from Marshall's preschool that sent the cutest little Christmas ornaments home and I thought I'd take a cue from her for this upcoming party.  I've been trying to think of what clever thing I would do and thought and thought and thought about it until it was too late for thinking and it was time to abandon my desire to be "Super Mom" and just get something done.  I still refused to buy a box of valentines, so I guess I did something worth while.  Kinda.

I knew I wanted to use pics of my kids and so I threw something together for a note and then picked the pics I would use.  I printed them via 1 Hr Photo and figured I'd just glue the two pics together and call it good.  Then my conscience got the best of me and convinced me to at least put them on cardstock or something.  But as I was cutting all of the photos apart the giant light bulb moment came to me.  (A day too late, but someday I'll get over it.)  I could have just thrown this together on WHCC (my printer I use for photography clients) and done them as business cards and it would have cost less and taken all of like 3 seconds.  I literally would have just had to click the mouse a few times and been done.  But no!!!  I had to do yet one more thing the hard way and cut all the double printed wallets apart, then cut cardstock, then glue them all together and it wasn't even cool.  I'm still kind of bitter about it.  Can you tell?

So now, to put icing on this mess of a cake, I wanted to scan them to show you how cute my kids wrote their names and my scanner did a horrible job- it was tolerable for the note side, but NOT the pictures.  You honestly can't believe how poor the quality was.  But, it's par for the course and I'll be fine.  At least its not a real problem.  Like the time I couldn't decide which baskets to use or when I couldn't decide if I wanted to buy a raggedy old rocking chair or when we ran out of semi-sweet chocolate chips and I had to even think about baking with milk chocolate chips (strange that we even had them in the first place).  Like I've said before, my life is full of real problems.

Happy valentine's day!!!


  1. They turned out super cute! Even though they took a little longer than they could have, you definitely spent more time on them--so that makes them all the more special. The recipients will feel loved fort sure.

  2. They are so cute. You are super mom!

    We are low on chocolate chips. It is very dire. Soon I will replenish our stocks, though.

  3. Your boys are adorable and so are their Valentines! They WERE worth all the effort. And I totally know about all the "real problems" we have them too! :) I love you!