Wednesday, November 24, 2010


We're so lucky to be in Southern Utah.  Yesterday had extreme blizzard conditions in the northern part of the state, but all we got were some clouds here in the valley.  Up the mountain, on the other hand, got so much snow we had to cancel our plans for Thanksgiving at the cabin.  When I told Marshall, he was really bummed.  On the verge of tears...  After a second of gaining his composure he asked the most important question in his 3 year old mind.  "Are we still going to deep fry a turkey?"  Haha.  This kid is so funny.  He has obviously picked up on his dad's enthusiasm for such a project and he didn't want the snow to take that away from him.

So this morning we wake up and a little bit of snow found its way to good old Hurricane.  It makes me wonder if this could be the year for a White Christmas.  Even if the white doesn't stick, it would make my childhood dreams come true.  Just to see the flakes dancing down from the sky... oh, that would be magical.  During my childhood, the closest we'd ever gotten to it was while I was in high school and it snowed the day after Christmas, while our family was on our way out of town to sunny California.  I get just as excited about it now as an adult as I ever did as a kid.  Anyway... when Marshall discovered the thin white layer of snow he was freaking out.  Oh, he was so excited.  He was practically yelling, "Whoa, Dad!  It's snowing on your truck!  Whoa, Dad!  It's snowing on your windows!  Whoa, Dad!  It's snowing on your four wheeler!  Whoa, Dad!  It is not snowing on the road!"  He is just too cute. 

Now this morning we're gearing up for a good old fashioned Thanksgiving here in town.  It will be great!  I'm extremely glad that I went against all my instincts yesterday and did not gather all the snow gear we'd need today to make our way up to the cabin.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!  
...and Happy Black Friday to all my fellow crazies.


  1. We apparently missed the blizzard here in Vernal as well. :) It snowed a little bit, but we woke up to blue skies this morning. :)
    For your sake, I hope you get a white Christmas as well, there's nothing like it! :)
    Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving! :)

  2. Come up to Apple Valley and let them play in it... we have over an inch. My kids wanted to go put snow suits on and play in it when we had less than a skiff come through the other day! And Marshall's priorities are RIGHT ON! This is the best holiday ever! Happy Thanksgiving!