Sunday, November 7, 2010

Backyard Fun

Let's be honest, I'm posting this almost an entire year later (the holidays just got too busy to keep the blog updated).  I'm post dating this so it fits in chronologically, but the remarks will be from my current perspective looking back.

We were getting under way with our back yard plans.  We had just a little more dirt to bring in and level before we were ready to put up the block wall along the back of the property.  I honestly forgot what it used to look like.  We're so glad to have our wall now.  Although I wish we had put in a gate to our neighbors to the northwest.  It's so much more complicated to walk around the block to see them now and it happens far too little.  These piles were sitting there and Colby thought he'd make something fun for the boys.
Introducing... the temporary fort.
The boys thought it was awesome!

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