Monday, November 8, 2010

Get Ready

Underwear is all the rage at our house lately.  It's the accessory of choice every time these boys get dressed.  I'm afraid if I let Marshall choose what he was going to wear each day he might sport a hat of this sort a lot.  

It's been fun to watch Tyler get excited about things Marshall likes and underwear has been no exception.  From time to time he insists that he gets to wear underwear too.  I slip it on over his diaper and he thinks he's as cool as his big bro.  Which got me thinking about potty training.  If he sees or hears about anyone else needing to use the potty he's right there next in line for his turn.  He's yet to be successful on actually going... but at least he's excited about it and has an interest.  And so I decided...
...Tyler's turn for potty training is quickly approaching!
Can you sense the excitement?
Many would probably say I'm crazy because he's so young, but he's showing many signs of readiness so we're gonna give it a whirl.  When we potty trained Marshall we used the 3daypottytraining method and that book is like the Bible of potty training books.  It has given me so much confidence on this matter and I'm excited to try it out on round number two.  I think I'm gonna wait until after Thanksgiving though... we're going to have a whirlwind of a week that week and I'd hate to hit a few speed bumps along the way.

And the frosting on the cake is we get to take diapers out of our budget!


  1. We have been introducing undies too. Chase gets so upset he has to wear a diaper, but still hasn't grasped the concept of what undies truly mean lol. Good luck after thanksgiving!!

  2. Where is the like button? I think i would fit right in with the boys wearing underwear on their heads.

  3. Ok this is one of the cutest things ever :-)