Friday, January 24, 2014

Macy :: 14 Months

This girl is getting big!!  She's 14 months now, does more running than walking and more climbing than sitting.  She's starting to communicate... starting being the key word.  She's got one word that means just about everything.  It seemed to start out being "na" for snack and now "na" means; snack, bottle, outside, walk, banana, done, look and whatever else she wants.  When she combines a head shake it means no and comes out "na na na."  She used to kind of say cheese and done but it's kind of all coming out the same right now.  It's most clear when she grabs her sweater (outside) or points to her stroller (walk).

Macy LOVES going on walks!!!  Marshall's school is doing a marathon challenge where they add up all the distances they walk up until May 9 and they'll do the last mile of the "marathon" together, so we've been going on more walks lately and Macy doesn't complain one little bit.

She's doing better about letting me do her hair.  We often pull the top into a side ponytail or braid and I have put pig tails in once or twice.  She used to wrestle and wiggle all over the place and get really upset, but I think she realizes it helps her hair stay out of her eyes and cooperates even if she doesn't like to sit still.

She's definitely a daddy's girl.  Colby's been working in Kanab lately and usually gets home right around bedtime so maybe once or twice a week she's already in bed when he makes it in the door.  When she is up, she almost screams Dad! Dad! Dad! and can't wait to get snuggles from him.

She's getting awfully bossy lately and kind of reminds me of Marshall when he was little.  Because they can't put their thoughts and feelings into words, they just use their muscles or tears to get what they want.  I remember wondering if Marshall would ever be nice about getting what he wanted and once he could talk he was a dream.  So I'm counting on that for Macy too.  If she's even half as thoughtful and sweet as her brother she'll be ok in my book.

She's bossy, but she's cute too.  She still loves shoes and necklaces and likes to love on her babies and stuffed animals.  And she LOVES her blanket.  She has other funny antics that are so girly that I just love.  Like this morning, Tyler and I went in to get her out of bed and she put both hands up over her mouth like she was so surprised and pleased by the attention she was getting.  It was soooooo cute!

Here's an example of her wildness.  Since she could walk, she's loved to climb onto this stool in  the bathroom and I hate it.  She's totally going to step right off of it sometime and crack her head open or knock out a tooth or something.  Well yesterday, she wasn't content to stand on her tippy toes to try and reach the faucet... she figured out the top of the cupboard door might lift her right up to the counter.  The stool was put away immediately.  Her wild side is going to be the death of me.  We were sitting in sacrament meeting last Sunday and something she was doing reminded me of the movie "Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken" and I half chuckled and half cried at the thought.  She really is determined and brave and I am glad for it.  But I'm also scared.  It's a weird mix of emotions.  

I promise to post some updates about the boys soon.  They're not changing as rapidly as Macy, so I think I forget to document the wonderful things they do on a daily basis.  But they are just as special and totally hilarious.

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