Thursday, January 9, 2014

Wanna see our Christmas card?

Considering I set a goal to blog once a week, I had a couple posts thought out in my head.  But wouldn't you know it... I can't remember them now!  But I totally need to blog our Christmas card so I'm excited to follow through on my blogging goal.  However, I cannot get the back side of our card to upload here, so I might just have to type it in.  Our card was actually a postcard, which I loved doing.  I like to include a little bit about us but never want it to be very long because I don't feel like I have that much to share.  I may do the postcard thing a lot in the future.  We'll see.  

So here's the front.

I love the way our family pictures turned out!  My pal, Dallas, did a great job on them and I need to blog those soon too!  The are seriously gorgeous.

The back of our card read:
(it really, really won't load)

Dear family & friends,
We are so excited to finally have made it to Christmastime.  It’s a favorite at our house, for sure.  It’s hard to think of much that is new around our place... Marshall is 6 and LOVES first grade more than any other kid on the planet.  Tyler is “pretend 5” (4) and is turning into one silly character that wants to grow right up.  Macy’s so loveable and is 1 going on 13.  That’s fun.  They are the most adorable kids, as you can see, and we, as parents, can hardly believe how blessed we are.  Everyone is happy and healthy, and we consider our busy lives are a sign that we are doing just fine.  May the Lord’s blessings find you, as well, this holiday season and carry over into the new year.
Colby, Andrea, Marshall the Smarty Pants, Tyler the Ladies' Man, & Macy the Tornado

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