Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Last week we went shopping with Aunt Megan for some new glasses. It was a long process because we were trying to be super responsible and find the most economical option.  Of course, she settled on the very first pair she tried on so the hours of nonsense with kiddos along was just for fun.  Haha, yeah... fun.  They really wanted to try some on too, so I snapped a couple pics.  Silly kids.

Tyler tried on probably five pairs, even though I said ONLY ONE, but it was a process to find these blue ones.  He is obsessed with the color blue.

And I guess the kids weren't the only ones playing dress up.  I've been wanting to get a pair of glasses so badly, just for an accessory to look a little extra smart some days.  I'm sure a day will come that I will laugh that I wanted them just for fun because my eyes might actually wear out on me...  if I remember right, this pair that I loved only cost like $200.  A totally worth while accessory, right?  Oh well.

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