Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Because I Had To Tell Somebody

I sat down to do bills (which I hate!!), flipped through the stack of mail, and got distracted by a Container Store catalog.  So I dreamed of what my house would be like all organized and stuff so I had to share the excitement on Facebook.  Once I had done that, the computer was on right in front of my face so I checked my blog to see if there were any comments waiting for me.  I love comments on my blog.  From there I HAD to see what my pals were up to on their blogs.  So I read about vacations and new houses and thought about all the things I could buy online (my mind sure can wander when bills are what I'm supposed to be doing).  Then I was sad that I have a stack of bills to take care of... seriously hate this job... and so I thought I'd blog about it instead of be productive.  

But happy Wednesday! spite of the bills...

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