Monday, July 22, 2013

FHE Pioneer Trek

 Aunt Cassadee planned the coolest Family Home Evening for us tonight.  It was all about the pioneers.
It got the boys so excited for Pioneer Day and helped them gain a tiny idea of what it was like for the pioneer children along their journey.  She really went above and beyond... had maps for each kid as they went on their own little trek (Tyler calls it the Pioneer Trick) and an activity at each stop.  They learned about their chores, games, dangers, and more.  Our cousins Dawson and Lexi came over too.

I love how excited Tyler is right here!

Pretty girl we found along the way...

They heard many touching stories about the ways the pioneers were tested and protected along their journey and got their own special souvenirs like rubber snakes and dream catchers and they made their own pioneer toys too!

They even helped plant some vegetables in Grandma's garden.  It's gonna be fun to see what comes of that!

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