Friday, July 5, 2013

Discovery Gateway

We went up to northern Utah earlier this week for a quick trip and stayed with Grandma & Grandpa Goettsche.  While we were there, Grandma treated us to something we've talked about doing with her for a long time... we went to Discovery Gateway!  I remember going to a museum like this with my cousins in Las Vegas when we were kids so I've been dying to get the boys to a discovery museum for a little while.  It was nice that Megan had to go up and back in a short time so she "needed" company on her drive.  It was kind of a bummer that Daddy had to work, but he was so super busy that we wouldn't have seen him at home either, so it was perfect timing.  I snapped a thousand pictures on my phone, not really a thousand but a LOT, because carrying around a baby and a big camera can be cumbersome.  Anyway... I think I captured tons of the fun.  Now for all the pics.

My cute little workers...
This was really the only part they stayed right together while we played in Kid's Eye View.

Tyler was so excited about this little piano.  He was so excited about everything, really.

Marshall loved doing all the grown up things.  He went right to work putting all of the food and groceries away that were making an enormous mess all over the kitchen floor.

They loved shopping in the market.

The water table was a big hit.

I was very proud of Marshall on the rock wall.  Often times he is a lot like me and timid when it comes to things that might be dangerous.  I hate that I can be too cautious sometimes and I want him to be confident in new and challenging situations, so it makes me so happy when he jumps right into something like this without hesitation. I'm sure his future will be full of plenty of "dumb ideas" that will be quite dangerous, but it's the confidence he is building in moments like these that I'm so excited about.  He went right up to the top with little trouble.  He's a tough little guy!

Tyler played in the farm area the longest!  
I think he could have stayed there half the day if I would have let him.

Farmer Tyler turned animal for a little while.  I forgot how much he loved the animal dress ups.  
So maybe he would have enjoyed the entire day there in the farm!

 After Kid's Eye View we headed upstairs to the other exhibits.  
The life flight helicopter was so cool for them.

Marshall really enjoyed the news station too!  He gave a weather forecast ("It's a very good day, except for the weather.") and played a ton in front of the green screen narrating various nonsense.  He was so cute the way he spoke so clearly and "professionally."

I think Marshall could have spent most of his day building stuff!  He loved every type of block and magnet stuff he could find.  It made me sad to pull him away from all of this.  Here's the proud architect.

And his apprentice.  :)

Tyler needed me to take lots of pictures of his house.

We finished off our fun day with Grandma at the pool in Tooele and ice cream cones from Macey's.  
We were spoiled for sure!  Maybe we can figure out how to get up there more often!

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