Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Memorial Day 2013

I have got to do better about staying up to date with blogging.  This is totally my journal and I need it to document our lives!!!  I am determined to make it a priority again.  I feel like a while ago it seemed like I would blog before I would wash the dishes or fold the laundry or whatever and I was feeling guilty.  But if I were to sit down with my book style journal in my lap and write about what was going on in life I don't think one person would judge me.  I've got to get back to that again.

So now here I sit, and I'm going to finish this before I get in bed.

We were up at the cabin for Memorial Day (big surprise!!!) and one of the highlights was our little fishing adventure.  It seems like it is a "must do" activity and Grandma & Grandpa always spoil these boys with some fishing time.

I love this picture.

Marshall was a very diligent fisherman.  The other boys wanted to run off and explore but Marshall didn't want to leave his pole... It was up to him to watch it every minute so he could catch a fish.  Most everyone had gone off doing something else and Carly's pole was sitting unattended (she had already caught a fish and just threw another one out there for fun) and Marshall noticed there was a fish on it.  Grandpa let him reel it in and he worked hard for it and was very happy with his accomplishment.

See how hard he was working and how focused he was?

He didn't want to touch this one...

Of course Tyler wasn't shy and showed off the horny toad he and Karter had caught.  
That must be where everyone was when Marshall caught the fish...

I didn't get many pictures of Marshall's second fish of the day because I was taking video too, but all of his patience paid off when he caught one on his pole right as we were cleaning up.  I was glad, because he had been positive that if he sat by his pole the whole time and watched it there would eventually be a fish on the other end.  I was so proud of him. I guess because this one was really HIS fish he held it for a picture.
*Notice Tyler's face in this picture.  He was not entirely thrilled for the fish to be that close to him.

In the middle of all that patient waiting, Daddy rigged up a pole to try to catch crawdads.  Macy was having a great time with that little game.

If I remember right, this wasn't even the big one they were trying to get.

It's always a good time on Kolob and we are so grateful for the memories and fun times we have up there with family.  In fact... I feel another little visit coming on.  The kids are always asking to go so I'm determined to get them there soon.  I'll make sure to take some darling pics of my kids so they can be blogged along with the other fun thing we did on Memorial Day.

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