Saturday, June 15, 2013

Big Things for Macy

Macy is growing by leaps and bounds these days!  And she's still as sweet as ever.

This week she turned 7 months, started crawling (ugly army crawling but she's mobile), and cut her first tooth all within a few days.  Teething has been a little rough on the poor girl... she went from sleeping entirely through the night (for months now) to waking up at least once or twice and she fussed a lot.  Actually, probably not a lot in regular baby terms but compared to her usual nature it was hard on all of us.

She's a busy, busy girl.  I call her my little tornado because she really never sits still.  She goes from thing to thing allowing only a couple seconds of attention for each.  She loves being outside, loves animals, and loves getting smiles and attention from everyone.  She's not too wary of strangers, but she definitely prefers Mom or Dad.  The only time she really sits still is when she watches TV with Daddy. At nights she will just lay by him or cozy up on his lap and just be so content.  It's sweet.

She has arms like Elastigirl.  She can seriously reach anything and is quick as a cat- even before she figured out the crawling thing!  She's always grabbing at cups, utensils, pretty much anything big people use.  One day I was sipping out of a straw and right before I got it to my mouth she had snagged it and whipped it into her own mouth.  It was pretty alarming and funny.  Now that she can get around on her own we have to be so careful about what is within reach.  Especially paper.  She loves to eat paper.

She has a happy-go-lucky, fun personality.

She likes to laugh to herself while we drive.

Getting put in her car seat makes her really mad.  That's the only time she does her super dramatic squealy, screechy cry.  It's annoying but still adorable.

She wears mostly 12 month size clothes, but for some brands it's 18 month.

At her 6 month check up she weighed 18 lbs and was 26.5 in tall.  That's the 86th and 77th percentile.

She loves to eat solids, Little Puffs and peas are her current favorites.

She is still nursing, but tolerates formula from time to time, the last few weeks it has been almost once per day.

She LOVES to swim.  Just the sight of water makes her kick and giggle and get totally excited.  She really doesn't even mind it on her face either.

We love this little lady!

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