Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Summer of Swimming

Our family is loving our pool time this summer.  I would bet we've swam more this summer than we did all last year!  I'm going to have to get some better pics of the boys swimming, but for now I'll just write all about it.

Marshall is a little fish that can swim just about anywhere.  He loves to dive for things and has gone as deep as about 7 feet, so far.  Swimming on his back is still a little tricky, but he'll get it I am sure.  He's such a solid kid so he naturally sinks more than most, which is what makes it so difficult for him on his back.
Tyler has no fear (never really has...) and has figured out how to really travel in the water.  On the day I snapped these pictures, Tyler figured out how to swim under water without any coaching from anyone. He just jumped up and said, "Mom! Watch!!" and next thing I knew he was swimming like a frog.  It was really fun.  

Macy Girl LOVES the water.  She just smiles and laughs and kicks her feet like crazy when she's in the pool.  She also doesn't really mind the water on her face so I'm feeling really happy about my little fishy-kids right now.  I made Megan take this picture because Macy was loving this version of swimming... funny, I know.  But if she loves it, she loves it.

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  1. LOVE IT! It must be the summer of swim. Chase still has no forward movement but he's working on it! We saw Megan at the rec center today teaching. She disappeared before I could say hi.