Thursday, May 30, 2013

Megan's Graduation

My little sister, Megan, (Meg McMuffin, Shake-a-Leg Meg, Midget, Mageegan, and who knows what else we call her) graduated high school!  At first I thought it was weird to blog about her graduation, but she's like my oldest child, really, so of course I'm gonna blog about it.  

I'm so excited for her to start her "big girl life" and try a ton of new things and do hard stuff and grow right up.  She's heading up to Weber State University in the fall and it's gonna be sad to not have her around but I'm seriously so excited for her.

Graduation was short and sweet, and the graduates did a flash mob which was fun.

It was fun to have Papa Perry in town from Japan for graduation.  
My dad and Realaine came down the weekend before to spoil Megan with attention too.
We are all so proud of her!
(Marshall was at school because he just couldn't bear to miss one day with his awesome teacher and class and their water party.  He's a big fan of Meg too, though.)

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