Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Day Outing

While on Kolob for Memorial Day we rounded up our clan and brought some stragglers (Scott's, Ballard's, and Ashcroft's) with us over to Oak Valley to shoot.  That's the boys' favorite thing to do lately.  We were just shooting clay pigeons and a few tannerite.  Someone had just dropped some cows off right there and they were so dumb!  Every time there would be an explosion from the tannerite the cows would come closer!  I'm glad I'm smarter than a cow.  Anyway... it was fun!  I think everyone got a chance to shoot and not to brag or anything, but I'm a pretty good shot :)  I'll thank my dad for that since he shared his good eyesight genes with me.

Cierra brought Sam along :) birds...

The little boys were TIRED and slept most of the time.

Marshall took that chance to run around exploring with his "girlfriend," Meg.  You'll see her in a sec...
He found this skeleton and carried it around forever.

Marshall loves shooting with Daddy.

Melissa nailed some tannerite just then...

Looks like Karter woke up and was watching Marshall blast those targets with his BB gun.

There's Meg!  She's such a cutie...  
Whenever we are at the cabin we always have to check if Meg is up there too.  I hear it goes both ways too...

More Daddy-Marshall time using Uncle Brady's cool new gun.

I wish we could go shooting a lot more... Marshall just loves it so much!  
It has been fun that since he turned five and got his BB gun we have made time to go a lot more.  Before that, I can only remember one or two times that Colby took me out shooting.  :)

Oh yeah... Macy was there too.  
She LOVED those bright orange clay pigeons.  She wanted to eat them the whole time!

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