Sunday, April 28, 2013

Birthday Boys

We kept birthday celebrations pretty low key this year, but that doesn't mean we love these boys any less!  On Marshall's actual birthday we took the boys to Antigravity (a big trampoline arena) in St. George because I promised them we would go do something we've never done before.  They were super excited to run wild there.  I left my good camera in the car (I had to ditch the "party" to go take pictures at a wedding) so all we have here are photos from my phone.  At least we have a little something :)  They played in the bounce houses for just a little bit before we all went crazy on the trampolines.  The boys had races with dad and I showed them a trick or two by bouncing off the "walls."

Here's Macy, her festive bow was in the boys' honor.

When we all made it home that night we found a special delivery on the porch from Marshall's "girlfriend," Meg Bringhurst.  A box of cookies with his name on it!  
Marshall thought that was pretty cool!

On this same day we also watched Marshall play soccer (they won 2-1) and ate lunch at Subway.  On Tyler's actual birthday we met up with some family at Krave for some yummy frozen yogurt.

On the weekend between their birthdays we had cake and presents at Grandma and Grandpa Stratton's house.  Their cousins gave them some awesome Ninja Turtle toys and the boys were freaking out as they opened them.  I got a hilarious video as well as a couple pics on, you guessed it, my phone.  (It's just so much easier than carrying around my big camera.  I'm getting lazy, I suppose.)

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