Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Macy Lately

Not sure what got into this little princess while I was taking her picture on Easter, but right now she is being as cute as can be.  I'll post some more cute pictures from that session soon.  She's currently chatting with her butterfly teething toy... going on and on... hamming it up with a forced giggle here and there.  She's totally distracting me from what I am trying to accomplish on the computer.  She's pretty much always distracting me from whatever it is I'm trying to do.   I let her though, because she'll only be little for a millisecond and I can't get enough!

She's a week shy of 5 months old now and wears mostly 9-12 month clothes.  She rolls over like a champ, onto her belly and back, but only to the right though.  It totally made me think of Zoolander the other day and I laughed about it for a while.  She is sweet and friendly... always has a smile ready for whoever will give her a little attention.  She likes to be outside and especially loves to watch Daddy mow the lawn.  She's been sleeping at least 8 hrs straight at night since she was 6 weeks old and will generally sleep from 9 pm until 8:15 am when I grab her out of bed to take Marshall to school.  She's gone along with me for a few runs lately and seems to mostly enjoy her time in the stroller as long as she can see what's going on- having the seat totally reclined back is a major no no.  I think it's safe to say Marshall is her favorite person in the world closely followed by Tyler, Daddy, and Mommy.  She doesn't mind wearing headbands and hats, and I hope she doesn't decide to pull them off any time soon.  She very rarely cries but has figured out how to get exactly what she wants by pulling the saddest face and belting out that cry for all it's worth.  That really only happens when you wipe her nose or walk away from her while she wants to play.  I have probably a hundred pictures of her sucking on her fingers... that's her favorite thing ever.  I'll have to blog a few of them sometime soon.  Usually it's the middle and ring finger of her right hand, but if she can get anyone else's fingers then she will grab them and pull them right to her mouth to bite and bite and bite.  Pretty sure she's teething... and has been for at least a month.

We love her sweetness and her chubby rolls.  
I can't get enough of her squishiness and love to just sit and pinch her and watch her smile from all the attention.

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