Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Lorax

 One of the days during Dr. Seuss week at school, Marshall had the chance to dress up like his favorite Dr. Seuss character.  He was also allowed to "Seuss up" (make up) his own if he wanted.  At first that's what he wanted to do, but it was going to be quite the ordeal so I jumped on the internet to find some inspiration.  I came across a great tutorial on Pinterest, got Marshall on board with the idea, and went to work.  I had the kids jump in the car so we could head to WalMart (at dinner time) to get a couple essentials, and wouldn't you know it, they had nothing I needed.  Because we were halfway to Joann's at that point, we kept going and prayed we wouldn't need the diaper bag because I had left it at home.  We got our stuff, got home, had dinner and I went to work.  I made this whole thing without a pattern, just kind of holding it up to him and cutting and sewing away.  I was so proud of myself!!!  I even put long sleeves on it rather than having a mismatched long sleeved shirt coming out of the "tunic" that was made in the tutorial.  I shouldn't be going on and on about my skills, but really... I was shocked and so happy.  The sewing class I took just recently paid off like crazy.  But back to Marshall...

Is he not the cutest little Lorax there ever was?  He got all kinds of compliments on his get up.  Before we got to school I asked him if he thought there might be other Loraxes at school and he said, "Probably.  But I think I will be the best one."  I sure love this kid's confidence.  And pretty much everything else about him.  His outfit was such a hit with his teacher she told him he would have to wear it on Earth Day since the Lorax speaks for the trees.

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