Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Colby turned 30.

Disclaimer:  I feel like a total jerk that Colby didn't get blogged about on his birthday.  I'm getting this done almost two weeks later.  Eeek!

This year was a big one.  Colby is now 30!  Even though he has a few more wrinkles and a considerably larger amount of chest hair than when we got married, I can't think of a more fantastic, rugged, handsome fellow I'd like to be married to.  He can make me laugh more than anyone in the world and makes my heart nearly burst when I think of all he does for us.  And on top of that, he gave me my adorable kiddos that make my life so rich!  Love you babe.

Wow, these pictures are grainy... but that's what happens when you don't take pictures of/with the birthday boy until the sun goes down.

To celebrate his big day we met up with our long lost pals, the Davis', and ate at Anasazi Steakhouse.  Colby and I love some good food and love trying new places, but whenever he hears me say "this place sounds so good" he gets a little nervous because I really like some weird stuff.  He was a tiny bit skeptical that I made reservations for a place he knew nothing about, but I think it worked out ok.  You really can't go wrong throwing a huge piece of meat in front of that guy.  I think it's safe to say it was the best steak I've ever had and definitely the best steak in St. George.  We might just head back for other special occasion.  I'm thinking we each get a different type of cheese fondue... one monster steak to share... and some dessert fondue!  Or two of those even.  Mmmm...

Colby, I love you.  I'm so grateful for all you do for me and the kiddos.  You're the best!  
Hope the next 30 keep getting better and better.

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