Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Fancy Parts of Easter 2013

Here we are seconds before church.  Macy was so so tired so she wouldn't move a muscle in her face.  Marshall is going through "the phase" that all kids get to where they think way too much about what their face looks like when they smile.  Tyler didn't want to wear this suit but started catching on to how cool it was.  
I'm gonna dig out the picture of Colby in this same suit so I can dedicate a post to the work of art all it's own.  This is the coolest kind of hand me down.

Macy and Daddy.

Now prepare yourselves for the many faces of Macy.  I saved my very favorite picture of her for last.

Our pretty little girl.

So grateful our Savior made it possible to return to him and our Father, in a perfect resurrected body and have the chance to be all together as an eternal family.

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