Sunday, April 1, 2012

Last Friday Night

We just had a big weekend at our house.  On Friday morning a huge truckload of sod showed up so we could put grass in our backyard which connects to our neighbors.  There was also some grass for another friend's house, so that was three spacious yards worth of grass!  The pallets and pallets that laid across the street attracted a lot of attention and had us all prepping for a lot of work.  We were ready to start right after Marshall's soccer game on Saturday morning and work all day long, but Colby and Brady got antsy and decided they would start on our yard Friday night.  After only a few rolls, they decided some lights would really help the process along so Colby ran down to a nearby job site and got some big lights.  By the time he got back, Colby's parents were nearly there and the four of them along with some great help from Marshall and Karter got all of our grass laid before it got too late.

Isn't that green just beautiful?!  By 10 am Saturday not only was our grass done, but the two other yards were done too!  We spent the rest of the day putting the finishing touches on the backyard (I planted loads of flowers) and got to hang out with some of our pals and listened to a lot of General Conference.  

These are the half of the flowers I planted on Friday afternoon (before the grass got put down) and then I repeated this arrangement in the other planter that sits outside the kitchen windows.  Our backyard feels like heaven now!
We had a great weekend!

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  1. ooooooo i love it! we're doing our yard soon!! speaking of! Does your hubby know anybody that does block walls for cheaper than 38 a foot? just thought I'd ask!