Monday, April 16, 2012

Egg Hunt at Great-Grandma Stratton's

I love the tradition we have started Saturday morning of Easter weekend.  A few years ago we organized an Easter Egg Hunt at Great-Gma's house for all the grandkids.  They used to do this kind of thing when a lot of the older grandkids were little, but now there's a big group of young ones again.  It's fun to do it at Grandma's so she can be there and witness it all without any extra effort on her part at all.  Here's a few pictures from the festivities.

Grandma Stratton was getting Tyler excited for the hunt to start.

I love watching them search out the best goodies and walk right past so many that they aren't too excited for just yet.  It's so funny that my boys haven't figured out they can actually have as much as they pick up.

Caught ya!  Marshall is getting old enough to find some of the more tricky ones now.

I love Tyler's face right here.  He was working really hard to get that full basket lifted as high as he could.

All of the younger grandkids that were able to make it that morning.  It's amazing to see them grow.

Here's all the grandsons and great-grandsons that were there.  They took a similar picture with the girls, but I was goofy and didn't hand my camera to Colby to get one of those.  I'll get one from somebody sometime and add it sometime.

These three boys make me smile.  Things are getting pretty wild when they are together.  Last night, for example, they were running at each other head on and seeing who could remain standing.  Even Brigham (who is just out of this shot) is starting to get in on it.  He's super good at finding some kind of kitchen tool (whisk, potato masher, rolling pin, etc) and chasing after the rest of the boys.
Easter is always a fun time for us as we gather as a family in celebration of the life and resurrection of our Savior and the fact that we can be together forever, thanks to Him.

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