Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Oh the joys of having boys.

For a while now we've been celebrating the fact that Colby's parents are collecting a bunch of future missionaries as grandchildren.  No girls yet... and Cass's new baby is gonna make 4.  So the Three Amigos will be adding another bruiser to their clan.  It's taken a while, but these three finally really capitalized on their role of rough and tough grandsons.
Notice all three of these boys are sporting minor boo boos.  Karter bumped his eye on a potted plant, Marshall tripped and hit his eyebrow and between the eyes on the arm of a patio chair, and Tyler tripped on his towel after swimming and face planted on the pool deck.  It was a rough week at Grandma's house.
Marshall's owie definitely takes the cake though.  The first day his bumps were really only swollen.  No real color.  But then the battle scars progressed.  Here's a play by play through pictures.  
You'll notice the day of that its hard to see exactly what happened.  Notice his left eye looks a little heavy because it is swollen along the brow line.  I should have taken a picture Sunday evening... he looked like Quasimodo or something with a big old knot between his eyes.
These last few were from this afternoon.  The color has gotten progressively darker and spread into a double black eye.  The poor kid looks like he got in a fight or something.  On Sunday he saw himself in the mirror and laughed, "I look like a different kid!"  Every time we ask him if it hurts he tells us no.  
I'm not sure what this kid's head is made of, but he sure is tough!

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