Tuesday, May 25, 2010

World's Greatest

Colby's been bugging me about when I would share the following. Beware, if you have a weak stomach, you may want to just skip this post. All except for maybe the last paragraph.

I'll start with two weekends ago. I was headed out on my first Bridal shoot and Colby was being so supportive sending me off with confidence. But I should have returned the favor with some kind of help, but had no idea Tyler would behave his worst. Seriously, his worst behavior to date. He cried the whole almost 3 hours I was gone. Except for, I'm told, the 10 minutes he fell asleep on Colby's shoulder. Poor Ty just couldn't get over the fact that his best friend (me) left him to fend for himself against the two big boys. When I got home, Colby told me he almost put Tyler up for adoption. But the rough night gave Colby a new appreciation for my life as a stay-at-home mom. He caught me off guard when a few nights later we were talking and he mentioned I had a big day the next day. I had to ask him to clarify, to make sure I hadn't forgotten some giant obligation, but he said, "Just doing what you do... every day is a big day." I loved that Colby, seriously.

Now for the doozy. (I'm chuckling inside just thinking about it.) Colby's always been proud to take his little boys along on the annual Father & Son's outing. Marshall had his first over-nighter without Mom when he was just 1 year old and Colby was so excited to take Tyler too this year. I had a night wide open, with NO plans and big dreams of a long bath, catching up on my magazines, and possibly conquering my long abandoned sewing basket. Within minutes of deciding my first task flying solo, Colby called. This is how it went: (abridged version)
C: How are you doing?
A: I'm good. How are you?
C: We're good. Are you having a good night?
A: Yeah...
C: So, where are you?
A: At home. Why?
C: Oh, ........
A: What's wrong?
C: Oh, nothing.
A: Colby, what's wrong?
C: Well, you know, on the way out here, Marshall threw up all over himself and his car seat. I got his clothes changed and we kept on going. He didn't want to eat any dinner and then he wanted me to hold him because he didn't feel good. Then he threw up again. All over himself and me (face included). So I figured we better head home. And then on the drive, Tyler threw up all over himself and his car seat. So, I'm really sorry to interrupt your night, but I might need your help getting all this taken care of. You'd be amazed at how calm I've stayed through all of this though.

Oh, poor Colby. I felt so bad. And he seriously did handle it like a champ. Perhaps better than I would have. Better luck next year though, right Babe? Colby is the world's greatest dad. I cannot get over the stuff my kiddos have put him through and I swear he loves them more in spite of it :) Oh the joys...


  1. I love how he said "youd be amazed at how calm I've stayed through all of this"!! too funny!

  2. I'm impressed that he even took the boys out! Also impressed that he changed Marshall's clothes the first time he threw up. You have got a good man there!

  3. Colby cracks me up! He must have really wanted to go to father and sons --- I would have turned the truck around after the car-seat episode! Thanks for sharing that... I think I successfully woke the house up laughing! ... at the time it wasn't that funny I am sure. ;)

  4. Awe, good job Colby and good job YOU! Every day is a big day and he's awesome for noticing that.
    As for the vomit...uh, he recieved Dad Points for that!