Saturday, May 8, 2010


I'm surprised I haven't shared this already. A while back I picked up these beauties at my favorite store (TJ Maxx). After a few weeks I wore them to church. WHY did I wait so long? I seriously had the best day... with much thanks to these delightful shoes. When it comes to clothing, I've always had a love for something a little off from the norm. When I saw these shoes I knew I had to have them. What a punch they would give to a simple outfit. They came in a purple version too, and I almost bought both... hehehehe. Well, the whole day I was wearing these I couldn't get over how happy they made me feel. The bright little flowers were captivating and the excuse to paint my toenails was well past due.
These are easily my favorite pair of shoes I have ever had. Ever.

Have a lovely day.


  1. They look like fun. They bring a smile to my face too. I'm glad you found such a happy and fun thing to add to your everyday wardrobe.