Sunday, May 30, 2010


It's been fun to see the progress we're making on our front yard and I thought some of you would like to see too. Since we finished this step of the yard, we have sat on the wall admiring our "yard" in all its beauty.
This is now. We just sit and stare at our naked yard and are in awe at the beauty we are creating.
It's been a work in progress and we've had a lot of fun with each little step, but now we can really see the vision.
Just waiting for sprinklers & grass.
(Marshall didn't want his picture taken...)

This picture above was taken in January, before the wall, but after 5 loads of rich, mountain soil.
This was last fall, after the 1st dump truck stopped by our house. Marshall thought this one pile of dirt was heaven. He had no idea we'd get all kinds of dirt coming to our house.
And this is what we started with last year. We were stoked about this blank slate we had to work with and haven't regretted it since. Funny side note: This is the one and only picture Colby saw of the house before he told me to go ahead and submit an offer on it. He loved telling people that I'm so independent that I bought our house before he even got to look at it. :) What a lucky guy... I am that independent.

Hopefully we'll make great strides in the backyard in the next couple of weeks. I told Chase that we have a goal to have our yard near finished by the time he gets home. Haha. Two years better be enough time to finish!

Now go enjoy your holiday. Thanks to all those we celebrate Memorial Day in behalf of! We owe you our lives and freedoms. Thank you.

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  1. That is crazy that you posted pictures of your house... Brenton & I went walking the other day & we saw your wall out front & totally fell in love with it!!! LoL We were going to go back by tomorrow to see if we could catch the owners @ home to see where they got the material for their wall... LOL So... where did you get the material for your wall & if you don't mind me asking, what does each block/brick run in price?