Tuesday, April 20, 2010

There's a birthday at our house today.

This little kid is 3. I can't believe it. I literally spend day after day wondering at what point in his life I'll react with, "Oh, yeah, I've known this was coming for his whole lifetime and I'm not at all taken back by how grown up he is." Because the last almost 1100 days have failed to be "that day."
This kid is my favorite. Favorite first born, that is. He is full of it! He is so observant, that it is constantly blowing my mind. He also is good at copying. My favorite is when he copies Tyler... the younger brother. And, oh yeah, when he copies "George." We watch a lot of Curious George at our house and from time to time Marshall will tell me about things he did that day and I start to wonder, when did you go to the zoo? or feed the bunnies? or paint the room? Then I realize it was from "George." That 's what we call it at our house. George. A couple months ago he went through a phase where he was always talking like George. That was a little far from favorite for me. I had a really hard time trying to understand him for those couple of weeks. Luckily he has yet to copy any real troublesome George behavior. This TV watching habit has saved me more than one time. Once I had to explain the process and need for an x-ray to Marshall (it was not M that needed it) and I couldn't figure out a way that wouldn't be too scary until I remembered... "Marshall, remember when George was climbing the dinosaur and fell down and hurt his leg? Remember how the doctor took a picture of his leg bone? That's what's going on..." It is so entertaining to me that he's such a little sponge. Until Colby turns to me and says, "he learned that from you" and I can't deny it.
Marshall can be really quiet and thoughtful AND really loud and insane. He treats me so well. He'll tell me multiple times a day that he loves me. And he'll tell me thoughtfully and quietly and sometimes he'll pop up in the kitchen and scream, "Mom! I love YOU!" You never know with this kid.
The other night I walked outside and Marshall said to me, "Hi Woman!" We all laughed so hard! And no, Colby didn't put him up to it, he said it all on his own.
Some things Marshall likes lately:
Mow (pronounced like cow) - its Marshall's name for Lightning McQueen
matching his brother - He'll exclaim, "Tyler! We are the same."
working with Dad in the yard
swimming at 'rama Schachee's house (Grandma Stratton)
actually anything at 'rama Schachee's - He asks to go there every day.
exercising with Mommy - his stretching is the best to watch
picking his shirt himself
dressing and undressing himself
Mom, unless Dad's around then its ALL Dad
'ali'ornia - We went there a couple times in the last few months and he talks about it a lot
answering the door
buckling himself
I love you kiddo! Happy birthday.


  1. i am so in love with these pics!! so so in love!! you get better and better... and i bet you are loving the new equip!

  2. Happy Birthday! We love you Marshall!