Sunday, April 25, 2010

My baby's ONE

Happy birthday Tyler. You are quite a joy.
You are active and curious. It's so fun to watch you play, both by yourself and with your brother. I think my all time favorite thing is when you see Marshall first thing in the morning. Both of you get so excited and it can make the worst day so much better.
You are growing up so quickly. You have seven teeth now and have been walking for about a month. You love to eat if you are in charge and can feed yourself.

When I saw this picture, I caught a glimpse of what I imagine "Big Tyler" will look like. We'll see, in time.

You have a great big brother, but I don't have to tell you that. You love to play alongside him and if he is doing something, you figure you better try it out too.
This past year has been so fun. You are such a sweetie and I've noticed a little mischievous side to you. You have a telling smirk that makes me nervous whenever I see it. Keep growing and learning and I'll try to teach you about all the good things in life.
We love you. Happy birthday.


  1. Haha! Those comments are well deserved! I love your blog! We are pretty excited about graduating :-) And I can't believe that your #2 is already 1! Wow! Times flies! I remember when you and Colby brought Marshall to MJ's a little bit after he was born. Gosh! You guys makes some cute babes! And great pics! They get better and better!

  2. Tyler is so stinkin' cute! Hope he had a fabulous birthday.