Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I was hoping all the other kids would take the candy home.

We had a great Easter weekend that was kicked off with a great Easter Egg Hunt and Great Gma & Gpa Stratton's house. Some of us mom's decided it was time to reinstate a family egg hunt. There was some discussion about the age limit being too high and the little ones being at a disadvantage with everyone going at the same time. I, for one, was hoping the older ones would take advantage of the situation so I didn't have all this sugar following me home. I should have known to put a blindfold on Marshall or something.
Marshall knew just what to do when we said go. It really surprised me when Colby said that Marshall picked up one egg of every color (part of the "rules") without any signs of confusion. Then he wandered the yard picking up only the candy that he liked. A couple times he picked something up, analyzed it, then put it back down after he decided he didn't really like that kind. The picture with the basket in his face was only after about 5 minutes.
Tyler got VERY attached to the first egg he found and didn't want much to do with anything else. He didn't even know what was inside, he just knew he grabbed it and that no one else could have it.
Yes, Tyler's little green basket held only his eggs filled with various prizes. And yes. The other two baskets you can see belonged to the shining example of a candy loving child named Marshall. He seriously got as much (or more) than his 10 year old cousins without any help from Mom & Dad. I even felt a little self-conscious when it was all over. I thought for sure someone would figure I'd helped put this hunt together so my kid could get all this free stuff. Which is the exact opposite. I wanted all the other kids to take it home. But its OK. I can feel all this sugar inching closer to the trash can as I finish this post.


  1. Andrea I just left a comment, but I am at my friend's house and didn't know she was signed in. I'm not seeing the comment though, but if you get one from Echo... it's really me. :)

  2. It must not have worked the first time. Way to go Marshall. You will be stocked until next Easter. :)

  3. what a silly little guy... i love the picutres, so so cute!! arent you just loving your new camera! i am working today if you wanna swing by and pick up photoshop... i want some pics done for mothers day!! :) let me know what you can do!