Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Why I CrossFit.

I try not to blab about my love of CrossFit too much, because for some reason people either love it or hate it.  I'm not sure why people hate it, because I've never met anyone that tried it and HATED it.  Have the haters really tried it?  There are surely those that have decided it's not the right fit for them and I completely respect that.  But I love CrossFit.

Lately, I notice the phrase "this is why I CrossFit" go through my mind when I encounter a moment that I can really see the difference it is making in my life.  Besides the confidence and power (mental & physical) I have gained from the sport, here is the beginnings of my list:

1. Macy is now 20 months old.  20 months going on 13 years.  She's a handful.  She's clever.  And creative.  And stubborn.  And she's big.  Carting her around is a fairly good workout on it's own, and when she's refusing to walk, kicking and screaming in protest... it's a chore.  Yet I can hold her in one arm while she throws her fit and not be overcome by her size, strength, and aggression.  It's awesome.

This is why I CrossFit.

2. Seven year old Marshall weighed 70 lbs at his well child check a few months ago.  Now, because he's seven, I don't often have to lift him up or carry him anywhere.  But the other day we were swimming and he only had his new tennis shoes that he did not want to get soggy.  We had to walk a bit from the shade to the car, so I gave him a piggy back ride.  It was easy.  Even when I was squatting so he could easily climb on and then had to stand straight up with his handsome, genius, and pure awesome 70 pounds on my back.  I felt like a rockstar.  It was awesome.

This is why I CrossFit.

3. So I can be stronger than PMDD.  I don't want to go on and on about it, but PMDD is something I've come to learn is a part of my life.  It's like PMS, but on steroids.  I end up with "symptoms" that overtake my life... sometimes for a day and sometimes for a week or more.  It's ridiculous.  And stupid.  And today I was feeling discouraged and really low.  I almost couldn't bring myself to head to the box, but I went to attempt a tough workout anyway.  Right when I started, I realized I was probably in over my head.  But I walked into the gym wanting to take control of Me, so I just kept going.  I dead lifted 155 pounds 20 times in a row (as only one part of the WOD) even though my one rep max is 165#.  I had to do them one at a time, yet I kept moving.  It was crazy hard, but I pushed through.  I came in sort of defeated from my day and walked out feeling like I could do anything, seriously anything, in the world.  CrossFit has shown me I can bring my mind over matter, and conquer something that seems impossible (usually through a good lifting session) and remind myself that I am strong, determined, and capable.  PMDD might be monsterous at times, but I'm stronger than that.  I am awesome.

This is why I CrossFit.

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  1. This is awesome!!!!! I love that your XFit strength is carrying over to your everyday life. I think you're pretty amazing!