Sunday, July 20, 2014

4th of July 2014 :: Water Fun with the Fam

Cassadee & Grandma put together a fun water party for the afternoon of the 4th.  The water slide, kiddie car wash, and pool were on the agenda and kept the kids wet and happy!  Catching pics of the kiddos in action is totally my favorite.  Squealing, laughing, wild children are going to be the highlight of these years.  Here's a few fun shots from the day.



As far as I can remember, this was her first time playing on this slide and she wasn't hesitant at all.  She loves a good thrill.

I love her tiny cuteness.  

Now for a glimpse at the kiddie carwash.  It never disappoints.

Colby was sweet enough to snap a few photos of me swimming with the kids.  Swimming this summer has been a great one.  Macy is wild and adventurous, Marshall is unstoppable, and Tyler is getting pretty independent.  It makes my heart so happy!

I love water fun with the family.  It's the best part of summer.

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