Sunday, July 20, 2014

Macy Got an Owie

After all of our water fun on the 4th, Macy and Tyler were jumping on the tramp.  We were all out there, but missed exactly what happened.  All I know is Macy was on her belly and crying.  I went to cheer her up and had her follow me to my chair and she wouldn't walk.  After a little while of holding her and cheering her up, we found she still wouldn't walk on it.  Somewhere below her right knee was really hurting so we headed to get x-rays.  I had visions of her running around in a cast (just like Tyler did before his second birthday) and couldn't believe 2 of our 3 kids were going to have a broken leg and both before their second birthday.  She fell asleep in the car right away, thankfully, but woke up only twenty or thirty minutes later really sad about her hurting leg.  *Note: it only took maybe 25 min to get to the St. George Instacare, but they had a long wait ahead of us so we went for a little drive to pass the time and let her nap a little longer.  So much for that great plan.  

Colby decided to grab a water and a snack from Target and Macy made sure to cheer right up before he made it back to the van.

She is the cutest little character.  Even when she was really hurting.

We had a really long wait in the doctor's office.  The doc's first evaluation was that she most likely had a spiral fracture in the small bone in her shin (just like Tyler had) so he ordered x-rays.  Turns out, there were five other people needing x-rays ahead of us so we sat and waited and waited and sat.  Macy still couldn't walk on it or put any weight on it, so we had to get really creative to keep her entertained.  She does not sit still.  Ever.  Taking selfies worked for a little while.  Colby got a good nap in as well.

Once it was time for her x-ray, she was hysterical.  She didn't like the room.  She didn't like laying on the table.  She didn't like the lead blanket.  She didn't like Daddy holding her down.  She didn't like the x-ray tech.  She didn't like any of it.  So the poor guy taking her images gave her as many stickers as he could so she might cheer up.  It didn't make a difference until she was sitting back in the exam room, but they kept her rather busy until the doctor came in to tell us the results.

Turns out, no breaks.  Just a sprain or deep bruise that left her in a lot of pain for almost two days.  But she's a determined little bugger and was back on it, walking with support of the wall, chair, or anything else she could find by the next day.  By the second day, the only real evidence of her injury was slightly less jumping and a little less aggressiveness in her climbing.

We are happy to report she's as good as new and the cutest little patient.

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