Saturday, August 24, 2013

Tyler Heads Back To School

Oh, my Tyler.  I sure love you.  I just had to say that first...

School has started and you're so happy about it.  You've been looking forward to going to "Miss Gwen's" preschool for the last couple of years since Marshall went there for the first time.  You learned so so so much with Miss Lorilee last year that I was sad to switch things up, but I feel it is important for you kids to have many opportunities and make tons of friends so the change of environment was important to me.  So I'm glad you're happy about the change instead of sad.  These pictures are from your first day of school right before we walked over to Miss Gwen's house.

Welcoming a baby to our family has been a funny transition for you, I think, but you've done wonderfully.  Sometimes I notice you like to behave a little bit like a baby for whatever reason, but you've also figured out how to be such a big boy.  Your emotions are much more near the surface and you like to talk in your own little language.  I don't think it's really baby talk though, it seems to be more like one more way for you to be a silly goose!  You're also very good at conversation.  You use phrases that surprise me because they make you seem so mature.  You have a cute little stutter sometimes when you get excited about things and the words just won't come out all at once.  I need to get that on video... I really love listening to you just talk and talk.

Your biggest step in your independence has to be the way you get yourself food.  You're determined to pour your own cereal and milk (you just do it before even asking that way I don't take over) and have recently become very fond of Nutella sandwiches and make them yourself as well.  You're also good to put everything away which is impressive.  I'm proud of you for being such a go getter.  Keep that up!

You have a gift to be content with alone time.  You're rarely phased about Marshall being at school all day leaving you without a playmate.  It doesn't take much on my part to keep you entertained because your imagination is so great and you can have fun with whatever is around.  Even though you seem to be an introvert, you are also the friendliest little boy.  I love that about you!!  It isn't hard for you to reach out to others and make them feel at ease.  You just turn on your silly and have fun.  And MAN are you silly.  You're also so thoughtful towards me and I adore that.  You're sweet and silly and pretty wild... everything a perfect little boy should be.
I love you, mister. 

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  1. Beautiful post. Tyler will appreciate it some day