Thursday, September 29, 2011

80's Zumba in the Park

It is not too often that I am in a picture here in Blog Land.  So eat your hearts out, haha.  Tonight there was a Zumba party in the park and it was a blast.  (I LOVE Zumba!!!)  It's always fun to have an excuse to get dressed up, and I got a lot of use out of this costume.  It was the last home soccer game, so Carly was being honored and I was feeling bad about missing it, but it was at the same time as Zumba and I had committed to go all decked out.  I just couldn't figure out how I could do both... and Colby tried his best to convince me to show up to the soccer game and it almost worked.  Then Carly told me she would be honored to see me all dressed up at her game, so I had to make an appearance.  I only got a few weird looks.  There's something wrong in the world when my outfit isn't all that unspeakable.  Yikes.  (I'm just hoping the hat kept my identity in question enough that it wasn't that big of a deal.)  I'm not gonna lie- I felt hot!  (All that spandex makes a girl sweat... so no, I wasn't only admitting to how attractive I looked.)  But it was fun to get so many compliments on my attire and so many amazed comments on where I rounded up the whole get up.  I borrowed half of it and the rest came from the DI (a local thrift store).  Now I'm totally in the dressing up mood.  I'm feeling all excited for Halloween.


  1. much. fun.

    -Nichelle Richins

  2. LOVE it! Looks like you guys had a blast!

  3. You did look HOT! for reals. Thanks for making it a fun night!