Sunday, July 10, 2011


There's been a lot going on lately, but most of it has been neglected for the sake of swimming.  Haha.  All the clothes to fold, meals to cook, piano to practice, (baths to take), have been replaced by going swimming.  The boys are really loving it this year and it's been so fun for me to watch them grow to love it like I do.  Marshall's really a fish and can get around anywhere he wants to.  In the last couple of weeks Tyler has decided that instead of being bothered and uptight around the water he'd rather just have fun.  His favorite is jumping off the diving board.  He'll jump in, no fear, without me even having to touch him.  I'll just scoop him up once he's gone in and he'll beg to do it again.  It's pretty funny.  Here's a few pics from the summer so far.

This kid loves to swim.  It's hard for him to contain his excitement...
He's so funny when he jumps off the board.  He just flings his arms up and goes.
How cute are these two?
See how much Tyler loves it now.  Just a few weeks ago, if the water was anywhere near his chin he'd be totally irritated.  Now he could care less.  He loves it.
 Look at him go!  I love having such brave kids that love the water.
OK.  How hot is their Daddy?  I love my boys.
 Another thing Tyler loves to do in the pool is play with his cousin Brigham's baby toys.
He's always asking to play with "Boongin's boat."  Haha.  Brigham=Boongin  :)
Marshall is truly fearless around the pool, except for with the slide.  He really doesn't like the slide. 
It seems that he has some of his Mommy's cautious side.
Tyler thinks the slide is fun, as long as Daddy goes with him.

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  1. Fun! I totally want to go swimming with you guys when we come down! We're going to be down for almost 3 weeks this time, so we'll have to play lots!