Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My growing boy...

Please enjoy my little journaling moment. Tyler is now about 6 1/2 months old. He is still a sweety. Everyone comments on how happy he is. Seriously, he's almost always smiling and happy. He loves to talk to girls, especially his grandmas. He has a cute little voice that alternates between high pitched squeals and a low growly roar. He is SOOOO close to pulling himself to a standing postition. I mean CLOSE. If he gets the right grip on something and has the right leverage with his feet, he gets almost upright before he starts "asking" for help. No crawling yet though. But in the last week he has started to look like he's finally getting interested in moving around on his own. He's always been kinda wiggly and active like he wanted to get around on his own but never seemed motivated when left to his own devices. He's been sitting like a champ though for over a month now. He's funny about rolling over. When he was only a few months old he started rolling over from belly to back like it was no problem. He would just roll like he had done it forever, but he started to lose interest. Now he only rolls over when he's asleep. I'm always finding him on his tummy while he naps.

He still loves to be swaddled. When he is sleepy and he sees us grab his blankie to wrap him up, he starts giggling and smiling because he knows what's coming next. His fall asleep habits are so different from Marshall's. It's like night and day. Tyler is quick to fall asleep on his own with little help. All he needs is his blankie and binkie.

Tyler loves to eat real food... baby food is alright, but whatever Mommy is eating is what he really wants. He loves bread and hates green beans. We have a hillarious series of pictures of him trying to drink Colby's Dr. Pepper.

One more funny addition. I mean funny as in "Mother of an infant funny." Not quite a month ago we went into the Dr.'s office for his 6 mo. well child visit. His weight was down a pound and a half from 2 months before. All of us were severely concerned but the doctor couldn't figure out a reason why based on Tyler's behavior. He asked me to come back in 2 or 3 weeks to check if he was still losing weight and had me start taking some supplements to help my milk. So we checked back after almost 3 weeks and no one seemed concerned about weighing Tyler. I mentioned it to the doctor and he laughed when he told me "a lot of babies were coming in underweight and so they evaluated their scale and found a sucker stuck underneath it messing up the readings." We all had a good laugh. For a good couple of weeks I was paranoid about starving my baby and would just smile and nod my head when people would call Tyler "such a big boy" or say "he was getting so big!" But he's weighing in at about 17 1/2 pounds now. What a big boy!
Love you Ty. We all love watching you grow into your personality.

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