Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Do you like a good joke?

Colby has one for you. This last Sunday we thought it would be clever to dress all three "boys" in matching clothes. The 40's went away and we welcomed 70+ degree weather. It was time for the Stratton Family Favorite (camo shorts) to come out. I just bought Tyler's on clearance at Children's Place and I thought they would fit him next spring, but they fit perfectly now. Better see if they have any more... Anyway, since they all looked so cute in their matching clothes I insisted on a photo shoot. Here is where the joke comes in. Try to get three boys to hold still, look at the camera, and look happy all at one time. My poor husband tried to have a great attitude while he wrestled these two until I was satisfied. We almost left unsatisfied until I changed my outlook. These wiggly, blurry, goofy pictures capture our real life. The life we LOVE so much! Thanks for the laughter and smiles Colby, I'll try to shoot quicker next time. Because we all know there will be a lot of "next times."
...and I gotta put this out there. I love my husband. He is an incredible example and one stubborn dude :) I can say that because we both know who has the real problem with stubborness in this family. Me. Colby is an incredibly hard worker and as generous as they come. It never fails when Colby has a second to sit down and breathe he volunteers himself for a friend. Or a stranger. I love how he loves to serve. He helps me want to be better and less selfish. My favorite thing about Colby, the thing that made me sure I wanted him to be my husband, is he is a wonderful father. I knew he would be a great dad, but holy smokes! He is a better dad than I could have ever imagined. I love the way he loves our kids... both the ones we have and the ones we will have. It is sometimes intimidating to hear him talk about the dreams he has for our family. He smiles, he plays, he teaches, he leads, he loves. He takes his role as father very seriously and I love that. Something else I am thankful for is his confidence. He is such a big help when it comes to teaching our kids to be confident and self assured because of his example. Thank you for being you. Love you babe.


  1. I definitely agree that you have a great husband :) we've been very grateful to be on the receiving end of your generous family :D

  2. I love it! I think my favorite is the one of Marshall driving his car on Tyler's head. :o)

  3. Great post Andrea! I just did my sister's family pictures and we also have quite a few that may not be perfect, but perfectly show how cute their family is! I also love what you had to say about Colby. Even in High School you could tell he was going to be a great husband and father someday.