Friday, May 4, 2012

Here's To You, Do-Gooder Lady...

Yesterday was a fun, eventful, exhausting day.  My dear cousin was married in Salt Lake and I was able to be the photographer for the occasion.  It was such a blast... seriously my favorite wedding I've done so far.  Yet as much fun as it was, it was equally tiring.  Thankfully, yesterday was the first day that I truly felt like "myself" in the last 13 weeks and I was running on pure love and excitement for my cousin, I am sure.  It wasn't until the end of the night that I realized just how tired I was.  Today was to begin at 7:30 in order to get everything done on our checklist before making it to Cedar City for my other cousin's baby shower and then home to see our kiddos.  Well... my body was much too tired for that so we began our day a little delayed.  Once we were up, we didn't rush about at all.  Everything got done on my slightly tired, pregnant time table.

One of our stops was Cabela's to pick up some items we had ordered and had "shipped to store."  While we were waiting I was feeling a little too tired to just stand around so I went and found the lounge chairs that are set up by one of the animal displays.  I was so comfortable and decided that being pregnant gave me the right to try and take a little power nap in the store.  I'm sure I wasn't the first to do so and that must be why all those chairs were set up.  There are many a partner to a motivated Cabela's shopper and we can't all be as excited about all there is to see in that enormous store, and so I determined that chair was for me and my nap time.  I really was apprehensive to just close my eyes there in that public place but really felt like I deserved it and had nothing to be too self conscious about.  

Soon I began to drift from conscious thought to that almost sleeping state of minimal awareness, all in time for a busy-body old lady (I mean do-gooder, whoops) to come press the foot of my reclined chair down towards the floor and wake me up.  Now lucky for her, I am an extremely nice person that has tried to practice grace and patience in hard moments.  Inside I thought, "what the heck is wrong with you?  Couldn't you see I was enjoying myself?"  She just stood there in front of me... not really smiling... and her kind hearted husband just kept looking at me and then at her and back and forth again.  I made some joke about being thankful that she was looking out for me since it was obviously crazy for me to just sleep in the middle of a public place.  She continued to just stand there and must have said something like, "you're welcome" while her husband still stood by perplexed.  He finally asked his crazy wife if she knew me.  Of course she answered no.  And I again joked about her looking out for me or something.  Once they decided to mosey on, I thought for just a moment about picking up where I left off with my nap but quickly reconsidered and got up to find my handsome hubby.

The longer I was in the store remembering my fatigue, the more upset I got with that strange old woman that thought I needed to be bothered.  I kept telling Colby how odd I found it that she felt a need to wake me.  At one point I decided I was probably quite mad at her.  A little nap was just what I needed and poor Colby was stuck in a line of avid gun shoppers and there was only one attendant at the counter.  What good was I going to be standing in that line.  None.  I would be much better off catching some ZZZ's, but no.  That lady was stuck being awake and wandering the store, so I must do it as well.  I just couldn't make sense of it in my head.  Only once or twice did I call her a name when talking to Colby about it.  Now don't worry... remember my kind heart?  The worst I called her was crazy or strange.  And old.  I never left that part out.  Haha.  Soon before we left I saw her and pointed her out to Colby.  He assured me that he made sure to get in front of her in line (not like he butted in line or that he even knew I was upset with her) so she went to a neighboring check out line and would never know how much I did not appreciate her concern.

I know that later I conjured up a reason in my head (on her behalf) that seemed half logical and I came to terms with her busy-body nature.  I can't remember what it possibly could have been now, but know that I gave her a little credit for merely trying to do good and moved on with my life.  Mostly.  I did feel a need to tribute her here on the blog and give you all a good laugh as you pictured me snoozing on a lounge chair in the middle of a sporting goods store.  So here's to you, "do-gooder lady."  I forgive you and your need to put yourself in the middle of people's lives, whether they be strangers or not.  I'm sure your children and neighbors are indeed grateful for you.  

And here's a hug.  

For your embarrassed husband.

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  1. Can I just say that I think this is terrible and so funny! From what I hear, if it had been on the east coast people would have brought you a cold glass of lemonade to sip, and left it rather than disturb the rest of a poor pregnant woman. Actually, I guess you are so thin that she probably had no idea of your delicate condition. Still, what an insensitive hag.