Monday, August 29, 2011

All Good Things

The good things from today so far:

1.   Starting the day with a 60 minute massage.  Ahhhh...
2.   Followed that up with a chiropractic adjustment.  Again, ahhhh...
3.   Stopped at the Dr.'s office and he assured me that the bug bite on my left bicep (which has a giant patch of       red around it... like my whole bicep) is nothing to be too worried about.  A little anti-histamine ought to get           my arm looking normal again.
4.   Got some kale so I can keep making my green lemonade that I love so much.  Gonna have some for a PM        snack.
5.   The one and only semi-soft avocado I found at the store which made my lunch oh so yummy.
It's a Tom & Ava sandwich (found in last month's issue of Taste of Home magazine).  
Avocado, tomato, red onion & sprouts.  Yum.  I had two.

6.   Tzatziki sauce from Costco that made above sandwich just a little better.  (I substituted tzatziki for the
       suggested cream cheese.)
7.   The carrot I pulled from my garden just barely that was almost a foot long and so pretty and straight.
8.   Speaking of the garden, how about the fact that it isn't all dead by now and we are getting so many yummy         tomatoes from it.  Just planted some various lettuce and will soon be planting a fall crop of beans.
9.   7:30 tonight we get to hang out with a handful of our best friends.  Should be fun, even if we are just
       finalizing plans for a class reunion.
10.  The second half of the September issue of House Beautiful that is calling my name.

Hope you're having a lovely day as well.

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